Alberta Legal Information Society would like your feedback

The Alberta Legal Information Society would like your feedback about the family violence section of website. We are currently working to add video and visual enhancements to the family violence pages. We want to ensure that we highlight the legal information that will be most useful to victims of family violence.

If you have a moment to provide your feedback, we would be very grateful! We would love to hear your thoughts about things like:

  • What legal information victims need the most at the outset
  • What confuses or overwhelms victims about their legal matters
  • What input you have about the style of the videos/images that will allow for the best communication with victims of family violence (for example, images to avoid or how to make communication easier to retain)

In addition to the general questions above, we welcome specific feedback about which areas of our information pages you would want to highlight for your clients. We could then promote them in the videos or images as something important to read and learn about. Here are links to two of the pages related to family violence:

  • Family Violence & the Legal Process – an overview of things to consider/expect when navigating the legal system as a victim of family violence
  • Protective Orders – an overview of civil and criminal protective order options in Alberta (including forms and directions on the Process tab)

If you are interested, there are several more family violence topics on LegalAve. Those can be found here.

If you have any comments or feedback to provide, please contact Marsha Guthrie at or by phone at 780.756.9822.

Feedback would be appreciated by Friday, June 2, 2017.

Thanks in advance for your help in making LegalAve more accessible and helpful for victims of family violence.

Marsha Guthrie

Executive Director

Homeward Trust Edmonton Reports

From Homeward Trust

Together with our partners at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta and the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, Homeward Trust is pleased to announce the release of two reports that highlight the roles that housing providers can play in supporting families affected by domestic violence:

Domestic Violence: Roles of Landlords and Property Managers is a report on research conducted by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta and the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta.  The report explores the key roles that front line staff currently play, and what they need to be even more effective. It was funded by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy through Homeward Trust’s Community Research Projects funding program. This report is available at

Homeward Trust Domestic Violence Forum 2016 Final report captures the robust discussion prompted by the remarks by Ms. Helevuo-Burnet, Senior Business Partner (Domestic Abuse) with Peabody UK, at the Homeward Trust Domestic Violence and Housing Forum held in Edmonton in October 2016. Landlords, property managers, and domestic violence service providers urged better communication and more training resources to assist front line staff in helping their tenants. The report is available at

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