Make It Our Business Training

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Make It Our Business provides information and education to help employers and other workplace stakeholders to address domestic violence in the workplace.

This presentation is an awareness program to address domestic violence. This is not just family issue, this is workplace issue. The desired outcome from these trainings is to start a dialogue and remove stigma around the topic of domestic violence.

We have a large trained presenting team that can modify their presentations to your work place upon consultation.

  • Contact us for availability of the free training:
    • Training can be structured to your needs, lunch & learn, staff meeting, or segmented training.
    • What is the need with your organisation? What do you want to learn about?

Contact Perri Garvin by email or call  780 443 8330

Community Advocates Project Team

History of Community Advocates Project team:

  • Is a partnership between CIAFV and the City of Edmonton which began in 2008
  • Participants meet one evening a month at a central City of Edmonton site, and free childcare can be arranged
  • All participants have been impacted by violence at some point in their lives
  • There are 8 women who attend regularly
  • The chair of the meeting is a City of Edmonton staff member


  • Public Speaking training with Wendy Doughty of Emerging Directions. The training also included development of their own story. 
  • Advocates also participated in the Community Actions Against Family Violence Group (Phase III)  facilitated by the City of Edmonton.  The Community Advocates brought their expertise in the area of lived experience in supporting those participating in the group and also supporting those community members learning about family violence.
  • Completion of video filming, “Freedom to Be Who We Are… A Future without Family Violence”. The video is used as part of training professionals on understanding family violence.  Contact CIAFV if you would like to purchase a copy. 
  • Created images in relation to positive change and  developed posters from those images that were displayed at the Diverse Voices Conference and Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute Day.

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Community Advocates produced and wrote a book with their own stories and pictures.  The goal of the book is to provide hope for those who have experienced family violence  – to know that they can rebuild positive change and have strength in the face of adversity.  Now released!


Goals of the Project Team:

  • To raise awareness of the affects of family violence
  • To consult on and participate in CIAFV activities
  • To be part of the “real voice” for family violence prevention in Edmonton and area

We welcome new members. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at

Domestic Violence In the Workplace Project Team


“Workplace violence is the threatened, attempted or actual conduct of a person(s) against a worker – singular or repetitive and unwelcome in nature, in the context of his or her employment – that causes or is likely to cause harm to the worker’s physical or psychological well-being or dignity. It includes any threatening behavior which gives the worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she are at risk”. AHS Community Sector WPV-Working Group Definition

Focus on Workplace Response to Family Violence

 1. Increased Representation on the Project Team Including, but not limited to, OH&S and HR representation from agencies and businesses
 2. Updating Resource/Research Package Including:

  • Workplace costs associated with family violence
  • Research articles reflecting the importance of, and barriers to, protocol training
  • A standardized collection of relevant reference materials
  • Protocol templates and tools
 3. FV in the Workplace Protocol
  • Support FV in the Workplace Protocol Development with member agencies of CIAFV and other social agencies
  • Maintain linkages and support to Health Sector
4. Community Collaboration
  • Working collaboratively with initiatives in the community related to Fv in the Workplace
  • CIAFV Community Advocates Project Team
5. Workplace ProtocolsLaunch of FV in the Workplace Protocol Implementation of FV in the Workplace Protocol Hosting a Lunch and LearnFocus Agencies: EAP/Occupational Health and Safety, CSS, YMCA, AHS, City of Edmonton, Businesses, Sheppelle FGI

  • Build relevant partnership/relationship
  • Link with ACWS and their workplace initiative
  • Develop training curriculum
  • Support standardized provincial process